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Tennessee is famous for our whiskey, and Whiskey Trail Tours is the perfect way to sample the best whiskey, bourbon, and spirits Nashville has to offer. Create your own Nashville whiskey tour and explore the best distilleries in Lynchburg, Franklin, Thompson's Station, Nashville, and more. Learn about the history, tradition, and sample the best whiskey in Tennessee on a personalize distillery tour. A Whiskey Trail Tour is a great way to spend the day sampling whiskeys with friends and family at Tennessee’s best distilleries. We can book Nashville distillery tours to these locations or to any location of your choice!

Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN

This iconic distillery is located in the historic city of Lynchburg, 90 miles from Nashville, deep in the hills of Tennessee. The tasting tour is an hour and 45 minutes and worth every minute. Wait until you get a whiff of the yeast, WOW! Spend some time in the town square for a step back in time or lunch at Miss Mary BoBo’s Boarding House. Reserve a Jack Daniels Distillery tour today.

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Jack Daniels Distillery Tours

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Leiper's Fork Distillery in Franklin, TN

You will learn what it means to “chew” your whiskey and enjoy some of the best whiskey being distilled in Tennessee today. It is hard to find words that describe the surrounding countryside and the cabin that the distillery is built around.

Featuring: White Whiskey, Bourbon

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Leiper's Fork Distillery in Franklin, TN Tours

H Clark Distillery in Thompson's Station, TN

This micro-distillery is located in the tiny hill town of Thompson's Station. You will see how spirits are made the old-fashioned way, even down to the lined garbage cans! Used as part of the signature cocktails in some of the hottest bars in Nashville, H Clark Distillery has it going on!

Featuring: Whiskey, Gin

H Clark Distillery Tours

Pennington Distillery, Nashville TN

Always a GOOD time, Pennington Distillery in Nashville offers a variety of spirits as well as a super fun whiskey tour and experience. Located in an old airplane hanger you will have a blast, drink some great spirits, and maybe learn some stuff too!

Featuring: Whiskey, Vodka, Gin

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Pennington Distillery Tours

Corsair Distillery in Nashville, TN

Internationally award-winning Corsair Distillery has two locations here in town. Their Brewstillery is located in the same area as Green Brier and offers craft beers on tap, flights, and cocktails. Just walk in and see what sounds good! The actual distillery is just a few miles away and located in an up and coming neighborhood here in town.

Featuring: Whiskey, Gin

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Corsair Distillery Tours

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery in Nashville, TN

A truly great Tennessee story, Green Brier was distilling way back before prohibition and Jack Daniels. Located in Marathon Village, it's home to American Pickers local store and just one of the coolest places in Nashville. Great Tennessee whiskey and a truly great distillery tour.

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Nelson's Green Brier Distillery Tours

Jug Creek Distillery

Located among rolling hills and creeks, this craft distiller is winning awards around the country for its unique spirits. We dare you to try some Wicked Chocolate Cranberry Oaked Liquor or Tennessee Pecan Pie Whiskey, crazy good!

Featuring: Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Flavored Liquors

Jug Creek Distillery Tours

George Dickel Distillery in Tullahoma, TN

Distilling since 1878 in Cascade Hollow and surrounded by the original creeks that started it all, Dickel’s whiskey follows in the Scottish tradition of spelling without the E in Whisky.

Featuring: Whiskey

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George Dickel Distillery Tours