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Corsair Distillery Tours

Embark on a Voyage of Whiskey Innovation


At Whiskey Trail Tours, we invite you to discover the art of modern whiskey making with our Corsair Distillery Tour. Situated in the heart of Nashville, Corsair Distillery is a destination and a revelation in the world of spirits. Have you ever imagined a place where traditional whiskey-making converges with bold, experimental techniques? Corsair Distillery is that imaginative realm brought to life.


The Dawn of a New Era in Whiskey Making

In the world of whiskey, few names spark the spirit of innovation quite like Corsair Distillery. Founded in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, Corsair has rewritten the rules of traditional whiskey crafting, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the industry.

The distillery’s journey began with founders Darek Bell and Andrew Webber, who shared a vision to push the boundaries of conventional whiskey making. Their adventurous spirits led them to experiment with various techniques and ingredients, turning distilling into a playground of creativity.


A Legacy Born from Experimentation

What sets Corsair apart is its relentless pursuit of the unconventional. From the outset, Corsair Distillery embraced experimentation. They began distilling in a garage, using small, hand-built pot stills, and quickly gained recognition for their bold and inventive approach.

Corsair’s portfolio includes an eclectic range of spirits, from classic bourbons and ryes to groundbreaking creations infused with non-traditional ingredients such as quinoa, smoked malts, and even unconventional aging processes. Each product in their lineup reflects Corsair’s ethos: to create consumed and experienced spirits.

Situated in Nashville, a city renowned for its cultural vibrancy and musical heritage, Corsair Distillery has become a landmark for locals and visitors. The distillery’s location in this dynamic city is no coincidence. Nashville’s atmosphere of creativity and innovation perfectly mirrors Corsair’s whiskey-making approach.

The distillery has become a hub for those who appreciate the craft of distilling and those curious about the science and art behind each bottle. Visitors to the distillery can witness firsthand the alchemy of turning grains into liquid gold, exploring the intricacies of mashing, fermentation, distillation, and aging.


Awards and Recognition: A Mark of Quality

Corsair’s innovative approach has not gone unnoticed in the world of spirits. The distillery has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including prestigious honors from international spirits competitions. These recognitions testify to the quality, artistry, and creativity infused in every Corsair product.

Beyond innovation, Corsair Distillery is also committed to sustainability. The distillery incorporates environmentally conscious practices, from sourcing ingredients to production. This commitment ensures that while Corsair crafts spirits for today’s connoisseurs, it also preserves the art of distilling for future generations.


A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Corsair Distillery’s story is woven into the fabric of Nashville’s rich history, a city synonymous with music and now, an innovator in whiskey. Founded on the principles of creativity and experimentation, Corsair has challenged the norms of traditional whiskey-making. Each Corsair Distillery Tour from Nashville explores this audacious spirit, where each barrel and bottle is a canvas for extraordinary flavors and bold ideas.


Seamless Arrival from Nashville Airport to Corsair Distillery

Imagine stepping off the plane at Nashville International Airport, where your adventure into the world of innovative whiskey begins. With Whiskey Trail Tours, the journey from Nashville Airport to Corsair Distillery is not just a route but a transformative experience. Feel the excitement bubble up inside you, much like the effervescent spirit of Nashville, as you embark on a journey to a distillery that redefines the art of whiskey making.

As you leave the airport, the vibrant pulse of Nashville envelops you. Our luxurious transportation service is designed to weave this cultural tapestry into the beginning of your whiskey exploration. Glide through the bustling streets, past iconic landmarks and hidden gems of the city, each mile bringing you closer to the doors of Corsair Distillery. The transition from the every day to the extraordinary begins here, in the comfort and elegance of our vehicles.

In our excellent fleet, every detail caters to your comfort and enhances your anticipation. Sink into the plush seats of our premium vehicles, watch the cityscape morph into the creative hub that is Corsair Distillery, and let your senses prepare for the exploration ahead. The journey is an integral part of your experience, a time to savor the anticipation and build expectations for the sensory delights that await.

As you approach Corsair Distillery, the anticipation reaches its peak. You are about to enter a world where traditional whiskey rules are rewritten with boldness and innovation. Our Nashville Whiskey Tour ensures that your arrival is not just timely but memorable. As the vehicle stops at Corsair Distillery, you are not just arriving at a destination; you are stepping into a story of whiskey renaissance, ready to be a part of its next chapter.


A Fleet for Every Whiskey Adventure

At Whiskey Trail Tours, we understand that the journey to Corsair Distillery is as crucial as the destination. That is why we’ve meticulously curated a fleet to match every whiskey enthusiast’s dream. Whether you’re seeking an intimate exploration or a communal adventure, our vehicles are more than just transportation; they’re your gateway to an immersive whiskey experience.

Our diverse fleet, equipped with luxurious amenities and unparalleled comfort, is specifically tailored to enhance your Corsair Distillery Tour, ensuring a journey as memorable as the destination.

Our sedans offer a haven of sophistication for those who cherish privacy and tranquility. Glide through the streets of Nashville in these sleek vehicles, perfect for contemplative moments or quiet anticipation of the whiskey journey ahead. Imagine the smooth ride, the gentle hum of the engine, and the city’s sights passing by, setting the tone for an experience focused on the finer details of whiskey creation.

Our stretch limousines provide an unmatched level of elegance and exclusivity for small groups or special occasions. These vehicles are not just about getting to Corsair Distillery; they’re about making an experience out of every moment. Picture yourself sipping a pre-tour drink, lounging in luxury, and sharing expectations with friends or loved ones while enveloping the plush comfort of our finest limousines.

Our Motorcoaches offer comfort and social engagement for larger groups embarking on a whiskey adventure. These spacious and luxurious vehicles are perfect for socializing, discussing tasting notes, or simply enjoying the collective anticipation of the group. As you journey together, the excitement builds – a shared experience that enhances the bond over a mutual love of whiskey.

Our commitment at Whiskey Trail Tours is to provide a bespoke journey that resonates with the innovative spirit of Corsair Distillery. Each vehicle in our diverse fleet is chosen for its luxury, comfort, and ability to complement and enhance your whiskey exploration. From the serene journey in our sedans to the celebratory atmosphere in our motorcoaches, we ensure that your transportation to Corsair Distillery is an integral part of your whiskey adventure.


Reserve Your Journey to Innovation

This is your moment to experience the extraordinary. Join us as we journey through Corsair Distillery’s innovative spirit world. Whether you are a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or new to artisanal spirits, this Whiskey Tour in Nashville offers something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the artistry and ingenuity of Corsair Distillery with Whiskey Trail Tours – where each drop uncovers a discovery, and every flavor weaves a new story.

Embark on a journey that transcends mere whiskey tasting. Join us for an unforgettable Corsair Distillery Tour and delve into a world where tradition blends with audacious innovation. Contact Whiskey Trail Tours at (615) 244-5466, email us at, or book through our reservation form. Immerse yourself in the legacy of Corsair Distillery with us – where each drop is a discovery, and every flavor tells a story.