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Fat Bottom Brewery Tours

Immerse Yourself in Nashville’s Craft Beer Culture with Whiskey Trail Tours

Discover the rich history, tantalizing flavors, and undeniable spirit of Nashville’s bustling brewery scene alongside a curated experience hosted by Whiskey Trail Tours. Go beyond the ordinary bar crawl and embrace an elevated journey for true beer enthusiasts. Delve into a world where every pint has a story with our Fat Bottom Brewery Tour.

Nashville’s beer culture is as vibrant and diverse as the city itself. From cozy neighborhood taprooms to expansive production facilities, the town boasts a tapestry of breweries offering everything from classic lagers to boundary-pushing experimental styles. The rise of Breweries Tours in Nashville has unlocked a new dimension for beer enthusiasts, inviting visitors to witness the brewing process firsthand, sample exclusive releases, and immerse themselves in the stories behind their favorite local brews. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or simply curious about the craft beer revolution, Nashville is an unmissable destination for exploring this rich and ever-evolving culture.

Join Whiskey Trail Tours on a journey to the heart of Nashville’s brewing excellence, where each stop explores flavor, tradition, and innovation. Our beer tours are about tasting beer and experiencing what makes Nashville’s beer scene unique.

Fat Bottom Brewery Tours


Fat Bottom Brewing: A Nashville Legacy

Founded in 2012 by Ben Bredesen, Fat Bottom Brewing emerged from wanting to bring flavorful, approachable beers to Nashville’s burgeoning craft scene. A former tech professional, Bredesen’s passion for brewing led him to turn a humble hobby into a true culinary calling.

Inspired by a dedication to traditional techniques and adventurous spirit, Fat Bottom Brewery found its home in a renovated lumber warehouse within the now-vibrant Nations neighborhood. The repurposed space echoes the brewery’s philosophy, where vintage brewing practices converge with bold, modern recipes.

From its early days, Fat Bottom Brewery garnered recognition for approachable brews like the Knockout IPA and Ruby Red Ale, alongside a rotating cast of creative seasonal releases. As its popularity surged, Fat Bottom expanded its operation in 2017, moving to a state-of-the-art production facility equipped to keep up with demand and explore even more ambitious brewing possibilities.

Fat Bottom Brewery symbolizes passion, dedication, and the irresistible appeal of handcrafted brews. More than just a brewery, it’s a cornerstone of Nashville’s craft beer identity and an essential stop for any beer lover exploring the city.


Discover the Apex of Brewery Adventures with Whiskey Trail Tours

Embark on the Best Brewery Tour in Nashville with Whiskey Trail Tours, where we transform brewery hopping into a fully immersive cultural experience. Our brewery tours are far more than just beer tasting; they are a deep dive into the heart of Nashville’s brewery culture. With Whiskey Trail Tours, you’re not just visiting breweries but engaging in a rich, sensory journey.

Our expert guides, fueled by a profound passion for Nashville’s beer history, bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to every tour. They are not just guides but storytellers and connoisseurs eager to share the hidden gems of the city’s brewing scene with you.

In our commitment to offering a personalized adventure, we tailor each itinerary to highlight the city’s finest breweries. This attention to detail ensures you savor every moment of your tour, from the first sip to the last. Our Fat Bottom Brewery Tour exemplifies this commitment, providing an intimate glimpse into the art of brewing that Fat Bottom Brewery has perfected. Join us on a voyage through Nashville’s brewing landscape, where every stop is a discovery and every taste celebrates craft and tradition.


The Whiskey Trail Tours Fleet: Where Indulgence Meets Practicality


Fat Bottom Brewery Tours

We offer a diverse and luxurious fleet, ensuring your journey to Fat Bottom Brewery is as enjoyable as the destination. Our range of vehicles meets every need and preference, guaranteeing a smooth and stylish ride

for every group size and occasion.

Our Sedans provide a cozy and private space for those seeking a more intimate transportation experience, perfect for up to three passengers. If you’re traveling with a slightly larger group, our SUVs offer ample space for up to six passengers without sacrificing comfort or style. Our Stretch Limousines are at your service for a touch of elegance, accommodating up to eight passengers in a luxury setting.

For those who prefer a more social atmosphere, our Sprinter Limousines are a superb option. With room for up to twelve passengers, they offer the perfect balance of luxury and communal space. Similarly, our Executive Sprinters, seating up to fourteen, provide a sleek, professional ambiance, ideal for corporate outings or group tours.

Larger groups will find our Mini Bus and Limousine Coach exceptionally accommodating. The Mini Bus can comfortably transport up to fifty passengers, perfect for larger tour groups or events. In contrast, with up to twenty-eight passenger capacity, the Limousine Coach redefines group transportation with its sophisticated and spacious interior. Our Motorcoach, with its capacity of up to fifty-six passengers, is ready for the ultimate group transportation.

At Whiskey Trail Tours, every vehicle in our fleet is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a part of your journey and an extension of your experience with us.


Are you ready to step inside Nashville’s most compelling breweries?

Whiskey Trail Tours is not just a service; it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious explorer, our Fat Bottom Brewing Tours offer a glimpse into the soul of Nashville’s brewing culture.

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